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Precision Electrolysis, Inc.

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Precision Electrolysis, Inc.

166 Bay Spring Avenue
Barrington, RI 2806

Our History

Precision Electrolysis was founded in the late 1970's as the production arm of the Ferrie Manufacturing Co. of Providence, Rhode Island. Ferrie Manufacturing Co. was owned by Joseph and Nina Ferrie (Nina being past president and founding member of the American Electrolysis Association). Ferrie Manufacturing Co. produced Thermolysis Epilators and hand made Electrolysis Needles (the Ferrie or "F" shank needle). They were one of, if not the first company to produce a transistorized Epilator, the Thermaderm.

In the early 70's Mr. Ferrie approached Harry W. Cary III with a proposal to automate production of Electrolysis needles. Up until this time, virtually all Epilation needles were hand made. After years of research and development, the first mass produced Epilation needles began to be marketed from the equipment designed my Mr. Cary.

In 1980 Precision Electrolysis was purchased by our president, Harry W. Cary III. Within one year, we had lowered the per-piece price of two-piece Epilation needles to a price never seen before. Our customer base swelled immediately.

In the early 80's we were approached by Mr. John Heath of Coventry, England with a proposal to supply Epilation needles to them for the first Sterile Epilation Needles (Sterex). So, for the first 3-4 years of their existence we produced all the needles for the Sterex Company.

In the mid 80's Sterex began to produce their own needles in the U.K. and we at Precision introduced our own "Precision Sterile Disposable needles".

The needle market swelled over the years with other new companies springing up. All of these companies produced traditional, standard two-piece or one-piece needles and most still do. The basic design of traditional needles has changed little in over 100 years, although there has been improvement in sterilization and packaging.

Through all of these changes our President, Mr. Cary, experimented with numerous ideas/inventions with the intent of not matching or improving traditional Epilation needle design. He wanted a totally new design or concept that included factors like: Safety, Efficiency, Ease of use etc. All areas in which traditional needles were lacking. In addition to being an engineer, Mr. Cary is also a licensed Electrologist, the two essential tools required for the endeavor.

In answer to these demands, Uniprobe was ultimately born. A combination probe and cap that eliminates t

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